All Day Tickets:

  • Catch and Kill (no limit) £20 (to include one fish plus £5 per fish thereafter)
  • Catch and Release £20  (ten fish limit)
  • Kill, Catch and Release £25  (to include one fish plus £5 per fish thereafter, catch and release only after kill ends, no limit kill - ten fish limit catch and release)

After Work Tickets:

(5:30pm - dusk - 9:30pm max) summer time only

  • Catch and Kill £10 plus £5 per fish
  • Catch and Release £10 four fish limit

Rod hire available £10.00 per session

Tag Fish:

Pay £1 before you start and take the value of the pot if you catch the tagged fish

 we stock Blues, Rainbow and have now introduced Tiger trout to our pools  (tiger trout are on a catch and release basis only) we also have wild brown trout which enter from our stream